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SEO Fundamentals

SEO fundamentals encompass understanding what SEO is, differentiating SEO from SEM, search engine positioning and ranking factors, best practices, metrics, SEO-friendly web design, and the importance of SERPs.

What Is SEO? Published

List Working of Search Engine

What is Search Intent

Important Google Algorithms

Keyword Research

Keyword research involves finding and analyzing search terms to target, driving relevant traffic and improving search engine rankings.

Long Tail vs Short Tail Keywords

How To Do Navigational Keyword Research?

Transactional VS Commercial Keywords

What are Informational Keywords?

How to Find & Use LSI Keywords?

What Is Singular and Plural Keywords?

How to Find, Choose & Use Low Competition Keywords

On Page SEO

On-page SEO involves optimizing meta tags, creating SEO-friendly URLs and headings, writing effective alt text, optimizing images, and understanding the role of internal and external links.

How to Write Meta’s Practically In SEO

How to Write SEO Friendly URLs?

How to Write SEO Friendly Heading Tag (H1)

How to Write Alt Text for Image

How To Do Image SEO (Step by Step Process)

What are Internal & External Links in SEO


Off-page SEO includes backlinks, dofollow vs. nofollow links, guest blogging, link roundups, HARO backlinks, resource link building, and buying links.

What Is Dofollow and NoFollow Backlinks?

Different Types of Backlinks?

What Is Guest Blogging Backlinks?

What Is Link Roundup?

What Is HARO Baacklinks?

What Is Resource Link Building?

Should You Buy Links? – Yes or Not

SEO Tools

SEO tools help analyze, optimize, and track website performance in search engines, improving rankings through keyword research, backlink analysis, and auditing.

Adding Website to Google Analytics

Search Console Vs Google Analytics

Rank Math SEO




Local SEO

Local SEO focuses on optimizing your business for local search, understanding ranking factors, listing on key platforms, verifying Google My Business, finding rankable keywords, creating a free website, and promoting locally.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Top 7 Platforms to List Your Local Business

How To VERIFY Your Google My Business

Top SEO Ranking Factors Revealed 2024

How to Find Rankable Keywords

How to Make Free Website For GMB

How to Promote Local Business